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So one day in percussion class Jaime and Dylan are talking and suddenly the subject of the conversation turns to the Clash, who got into reggae. Jaime suggests jamming out sometime. Dylan reluctantly agrees.

This was it for a while till one day Jaime came to Dylan and said, "Hey, we got a guitarist! You know Coco?" and we had a guitarist. This also helped because Coco owns a keyboard. Also we got Chris as well. Finally we talked to our old friend Moe and he jumped at the chance to sing.

Unfortunately Moe moved to Boston at the end of August 2002, so we had to find a new singer, but luckily we heard our friend Ashley singing in jazz band and asked her to audition. She taped her self singing over a Slackers song, and, needless to say, we were blown away and asked her to join.

Then in early October of 2002, Moe moved back from Boston. Well we couldn?t part with Ashley, so we added Moe as our 2nd singer, and then we had 2 singers. Our first show was Oct. 27th 2002 at Fitzgerald?s Breakout Bands Night, and we brought in 71 people (or 68 depending on who you ask).

And that brings us to today when you can hear us play and ask us to play a show.