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8/16/04: Hey! King Louie will be saying goodbye to our guitarist, Coco, while he goes off to college, so it'll be a while until the next show, but much thanks to all of you who have been there in the past and who still read this. Perhaps we'll play a show/party during school holidays. Otherwise, keep an ear up for swingin' monkeys, chris, ashley, and jaime, who have been playin' round Houston in the fabulous, no-guitared Chimcharoo (check out Super Happy Fun Land's site for dates, they play there a lot), dylan, who has been drumming for the band LEACH, as well as moe and graham, who still play music here in houston.



7/16/04: We got played on KPFT's Rad Rich's Rock n Roll Revue last night at about 2am! "Nacho Donkey Man" and Moe's accoustic version of "Peace Pipe" were played.


5/26/04: Holy shit! Where did the time go? Sorry for all of you who missed us last Thursday, I didn't get around to putting up our show at Super Happy Fun Land, but we played it anyway. Intergalactic Faerie Funk never showed up, but quite a few people showed up anyway. So to make sure that this show doesn't fall through the web-cracks too, we might be playing a show at Fitz in early July, so keep posted on the web, and also at fitz, just incase it doesn't get posted here. Peace.


4/18/04: Thanks to all the bands, it was a blast Friday night. Special thanks to Superhappyfunland for having us.


2/1/04: We had a great time Friday night, and we hope y'all did too! Pics are up of the show too!


1/29/04: The lineup for the show Friday has changed slightly. We're still playing with the Toasters and Los Skarnales and The Know How, but now we're playing with the Magnificent 7 instead of the Yetis.

Super Import Notice!!!!! Doors open at 7pm, not 8pm as most shows do. King Louie is playing first. Be there.



11/15/03: We're playing a show on January 30, 2004. It's with the Toasters and Big D and the Kids' Table and will be formatted like Skafest.


9/19/03: Boy, has it taken a long time to get back to updating this thing. If anyone would like to update this site for free, lemme know ( Anyways, we've played a few shows since the last update. There was one on Aug. 22nd @ 3 Cheers up in Tumbleweed, TX. I would like to take this time to appologize to Julianne for missing your party that day. You're an angel for taking it so well. We also just played Skafest @ Fitzgerald's today w/ Driver Friendly, the Yettis, Secret Agent 8, and Los Skarnalos. It was our biggest show yet w/ 100+ people we brought in (370+ total in the crowd). Thank you to all the bands who played. I'm off to bed.


6/23/03: Well, we have a show this Thursday at Fitzgerald's, 8pm. There will be new demos, of completely new material available at the show.


6/11/03: It's been a while, and sorry to all who kept checking to find more news. However, thank you to everyone who came out to see us at West U. Methodist on the 9th, it was a lot of fun. Anyway, our first/only print interview has been posted on our site (it was in "Lamar Life" for those of you who go to Lamar). Click here to read it.


3/15/03: Thank you to everyone who came out to see us the last two shows (Friday night and Sunday night.) Friday night's show was marked by complete unpreparedness, in which Graham and Dylan split the vocals because Moe was unable to attend. Sunday night's show was beautiful, and much thanks goes to KPFT, PJ's Sports Bar, Jaime (especially), and all the bands who donated their skills to entertaining the good people, for a good cause.


3/4/03: I've just heard the bad news that Chris finally kicked the bucket. We always knew the booze would kill him, but we never thought El Guapo would be involved in it. It seems Chris challenged El Guapo in a drunken rage, and things got a little out of control, and Chris was broken into pieces, but since El Guapo was acting in self-defense, and he has so generously offered to take his place on bass, we are not going to press charges.

R.I.P. Chris


2/15/03: Thank you to everyone who came out to see us last night. We brought in 84 people, and many more saw us play. Jaime is still going nuts over the outcome of the show.


2/10/03: The band before us was called Carcen (thank you Hallie for the name). Thank you Carcen for letting us use your bass amp and drum kit. Also, King Louie placed 3rd in the battle of the bands, so thank you to all who came and supported us.

(on a personal tirade, no thanks to the 3 guys who sat down in chairs asking girls for lap dances, get up and ask them to dance with you, you cowardly bastards!)


2/9/03: We played the Duchesne battle of the bands last night finally. After some awesome sets (Shark Attack esp.) we strutted our cleaner stuff on stage for all to hear and got an 8 out of 10 overall score. Thanks goes out to the band before us (email me or leave a message in the guestbook if you know their name) who let us borrow their drum set and bass amp, as well as Hallie who made buttons for us.

Our next show is next Friday, at Fitzgerald?s, February 14th, doors open 8pm, $8.


1/15/03: Well after getting to finals of the Fitzgerald's battle of the bands and not being able to play, we quite frankly thought we'd never be playing at Fitzgerald's again. But the good people at Fitzgerald's have seen fit to book us again, this time contacting us and booking us to play on St. Valentine's Day, so bring a date, or just come single and dance with someone at the show.

Also we are playing a show at the Duchesne battle of the bands on February 8th at 7pm. Tickets are $6 and available from any member of King Louie and the Swinging Monkeys (see shows page for more info on location).


12/14/02: Hey guys, thank you again to all those that came out on the 12th, and the 24th. If anyone has photos of these shows, let me know and I'll try to post some on the site. Anyway, we are working on recording sometime soon, and we may be playing on the 26th with a slightly modified lineup due to vacations, but fear not, we will be playing Friday and Saturday nights next year. Well until next time, Adieu.


11/3/02: Photos from last Sunday's show added.


10/6/02: Heard the news of Moe's return to Houston.


9/1/02: Today we got a new singer because Moe moved.